Grant Dickinson - Winning Dealer!

By Arnaud


December 5 2023


  • Inaugural EPT Cyprus at Merit Casino: Successful global event with over 140 dealers, blending competition and leisure.
  • Grant Dickinson Wins Outstanding Dealer: Recognised for a decade of excellence in poker dealing at prestigious events.
  • Living the Freelance Poker Dealer Lifestyle: Dynamic, global travel to top poker events, experiencing different cultures and prestigious tournaments.

The first EPT Cyprus, held at the Merit Casino & Hotel, was a success. Players from around the world competed to take home a trophy and a significant cash prize.

Who else but the EPT dealers team could deliver bad beats and adrenaline to all these people? Over 140 dealers were present to ensure the festival's success. The sun, beach, and pool also contributed to bringing smiles to everyone's faces.

The team consists of freelance poker dealers traveling from tournament to tournament and city to city, helping run these events brilliantly.

During the EPTs, we run a competition called “Outstanding Dealer,” which rewards the staff member who most deserves it according to the following criteria:

  • Attitude at work and outside of work
  • Respecting the EPT guidelines
  • Responding to invitations
  • Evolving from event to event
  • Paying attention to what's happening during work
  • Receiving feedback from players and PokerStars staff members
  • Being respectful to other staff members

Grant Dickinson won the trophy in Cyprus, and we had some questions for him:

How long have you been a poker dealer?

"I’ve been dealing since I was 19, which is about 12 years. Funnily enough, next year will mark my 10th year on the EPTs, which is a great achievement after all this time in the business."

How do you feel about winning the outstanding dealer competition?

"Winning this award gives me a great feeling. There aren't many awards for dealers or the recognition they deserve. Winning this at an EPT, where the talent of dealers is second to none compared to any other tour, is an honor. It's a privilege just to be invited, let alone win an award."

What do you need to improve to get better?

"I would like to improve my chip cutting skills when breaking down a stack of twenty to make it look cleaner."

What's your dream as a poker dealer?

"I've been fortunate enough to live my dream as a poker dealer already. It's allowed me to visit many capital cities I'd never thought of going to. But the best part of it all is the people."

What's your advice for all the new people who want to start in this industry?

"My advice would be to always keep learning. Poker is constantly changing and evolving. So, from rule changes to improving your technique, there's always something to stay up to date with."

In closing:

From Cyprus to Monaco, from working with PokerStars to working with Triton, this is exactly how the life of a freelance poker dealer looks. The Triton Poker Series is a high-stakes festival that attracts businessmen and the best poker players in the world to compete against each other. The team is much smaller compared to an EPT, with about 25 dealers working for the company. The event takes place in Monte Carlo at Salle des Etoiles, one of the most iconic poker venues with an amazing view over the bay of Monaco.