Terms of service

Last updated: 22 July 2024

PDA (Poker Dealer Academy) website's Terms and Conditions:

1. Only one person per account is eligible for the freelance job offer.

This condition specifies that each account created on the PDA website can only be used to apply for one freelance job offer. You cannot share an account with another person in the hopes that multiple people can use the same login credentials to apply for freelance job offers.

2. No refunds will be issued after cancellation.

If you decide to cancel your subscription or discontinue the course, you won't receive any money back. You're financially committed once you start.

3. You must be of legal working age in your country to participate.

To be eligible to take the course or apply for the freelance job offer, you have to meet the minimum age requirement for employment in your country.

4. The training is based on my own experience, and some advice might not be applicable in certain locations.

The course creator uses their personal experience to shape the course content. The methods and techniques taught might not be universally applicable, particularly depending on local laws or casino rules.

5. Videos, subtitles, and documents are subject to modification at any time.

The course material, including videos, written documents, and subtitles, can be updated, changed, or removed at any time without prior notice.

6. Certificates will be provided upon completion of the internship.

Once you complete the course and the internship, you will receive a certification. This is not an official certificate and this might limit your employment opportunities in places that require such certification.

7. This course does not guarantee employment in casinos or poker rooms outside of our partnership.

The course aims to provide you with the skills necessary to become a poker dealer, but it does not guarantee you'll get a job. The only exceptions might be casinos or poker rooms that have a partnership with PDA.

8. This course is not intended for company-wide staff training.

The course is designed for individuals rather than for corporate training programs. If a company is looking to train multiple staff members, this course is not the appropriate avenue.

9. Eligibility for the freelance job offer requires a clean criminal record.

To be considered for the freelance job opportunities provided by PDA, you must not have a criminal record. You'll likely be required to provide proof of this during the application process.

10. The first event is unpaid; it serves as an internship with the company Texapoker. Subsequent events with the same company will be compensated.

Your first job opportunity with Texapoker, one of PDA's partners, will not be a paid position. This is more like an internship or trial period. However, if you continue to work with Texapoker after this initial event, you will start receiving compensation.

11. Mandatory exercises

After completion of each module, you must send your videos or do your quiz and exercises. The instructor has to approve the videos before you decide to pass the table test. Not sending the videos or not doing the exercises will result in not being able to pass the table test.

Understanding these terms can help you make an informed decision about whether this course and its associated opportunities are right for you.